Rating The Dallas Stars Winter Classic Jersey

So, at least in my opinion, the jersey themselves are pretty sweet. I love the Dallas green and I like how they incorporated the star into the design of the logo. The green and the white pop with whatever font they are using and for that I’m a fan. What I don’t like about it are the gloves and the light khaki shells. For me, I would’ve made the gold on the gloves white and stuck with a black shell. Yeah, it might not be as cutting edge, but I think they’d look a lot better than what we currently have here. We also have to think, they’re modeling Tyler fuckin Seguin here. This guy could turn a shit suit into a 8/10. Lastly, why not resort back to the old Stars jerseys, those things a little updated would’ve dripped.


Overall, the jerseys are sick but everything else to me is confusing. 6.5 set up and a 8.8 jersey.

Author: Ked

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