Nathan MacKinnon Says He’s Willing to Make Less to Win With “This Group.” Would You?

Is there anything else you’d want to hear if you were an Avs fan. Other than Connor McDavid, right now, if I had to build a team around a guy I would pick Nathan MacKinnon. He is so explosive, so fast, with so much skill, a hell of a shot and can play the game with a bit of an edge. If you guys forget, after ripping it up and winning the calder his first year in the league, MacKinnon had a bit of a dip in his sophomore campaign, only putting up 38 points. Some people were wondering what was going on and to be honest probably is a direct correlation to the contract he’s currently on. MacKinnon inked a 7 year deal in 2016 making 6.3 sheets a year. Fast forward to 2017-18, MacKinnon started dominating, I mean look at these stats:

Screen Shot 2019-12-05 at 12.43.53 PM.png

Now, in 2023-24 MacKinnon is scheduled to be a free agent. He will be 28 years old, in the middle of his prime and most would think he’s about to get paaaaaid. Normally guys would want a ridiculous pay day but MacKinnon wants to win and wants to win with this group. “This group” includes players like Landeskog, Kadri, Rantanen, Girard, Makar, ZadOrov, all players who will be getting pretty hefty contracts when they’re due. MacKinnon has realized in order to keep these guys together he needs to take a pay cut and to me that’s as salt of the earth as it gets. MacKinnon could probably sign a blank check anywhere else but the fact that he wants to remain in Colorado, with this group of unreal athletes is a great thing for Colorado. Lastly, him coming out and saying this paints the picture that other players in this group will have to do the same. If you see your leader, your best player willing to take a pay cut I’m sure the others will too. All is good in Colorado.

Author: Ked

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