Is Ilya Kovalchuk The Danny Almonte of The NHL?

So Ilya Kovalchuk is a free agent and all of a sudden Slava Malamud comes out of the clouds and lets us know that besides doping scandals, Russians also like to pretend that they’re two years younger, much like Danny Almonte and the one guy from The Benchwarmers who says he is 12.


I may have taken 2 business law classes in high school but I wouldn’t consider myself credentialed. HOWEVER, if this is true, couldn’t an NHL team sue for breach of contract? 2 years might not seem like a lot but once you get to your 30’s it makes a huge difference. Also, why are we JUST hearing about this? Ilya has been wheeling and dealing since I was in high school, where has Slava been? Also, It’s for sure not known in America considering I’m sure the Kings and Devils would’ve done a little more research into this. Pretty crazy stuff.

Author: Ked

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