Kreider Replaces Panarin For All-Star Game

It was announced today that Chris Kreider of the New York Rangers will be replacing Artemi Panarin for the All-Star Game this week in St. Louis. This isn’t a huge surprise that Panarin is out considering the coaching staff acknowledged he has been battling an upper body injury this week. The Bread Man was the clear cut All-Star on the New York Rangers with 26 goals and 42 points in 47 games this year.


I for one am very happy with the Rangers decision to make Chris Kreider the representative of the team. If you aren’t a Rangers fan, you might be privy to the news that Kreids will almost certainly be moved at the trade deadline. Making him an “All-Star” just ups the stakes for what Kreider will be dealt for. I know people are unhappy with this decision, feeling that players like Zibanejad, Tony D, and Strome were snubbed. I know all three of these players have had impressive seasons and certainly have a case to represent the New York Rangers in St. Louis, but this is for the best.

Let’s not act like this is a huge deal to begin with either. The same people that might be upset, probably don’t watch the game anyways given that it has been a shit show over the past decade. The All-Star game hasn’t been respected in awhile and it’s turned into a clown show ever since players like Ovechkin have dropped out and players like John Scott getting voted in. This weekend is about a break for the NHL players and coaches. Let’s not pretend this holds any stature for the players or teams other than a title of “All-Star” when trades or contracts are being discussed.


I also want to acknowledge Chris Kreider’s success as of recently too. I have been anti Kreider all season, but appreciate him stepping up on this contract year. He is doing everything he can to make the most money for his new contract and in doing so, he is going to give the Rangers a very nice package in return. Thank you Chris.


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