What Should The Hurricanes Do For Their Next Storm Surge?

This blog has been written in good fun. For all Storm Surge fans, I am not a loser, I don’t yell at clouds and I do not hate hockey. People are allowed to have a different opinion than you, and yes I am allowed to have some fun with it. You of all people should understand this ;).

Oh golly, hey guys! Ked here and boy oh boy did you see them Hurricanes last game? Jeepers, it was a whole lot of fun!

If that ain’t hockey, I don’t know what is.


L O LLLLLL. The boys on Carolina continue to come up with new, clever, nobody would ever think of it, type ways to celebrate victories and let me tell ya I just can’t get enough of it. We’ve seen the home run derby, we’ve seen bowling, hell, we’ve seen a gosh darn Congo line!

Well after last night, I thought to myself, “Hey Ked, what would be just the best? What type of celebration would get the 200 Carolina fans rockin’ and rollin’?!” So I decided to write a blog about the top 5 things the Hurricanes should do when they win a game!!!

Number 1: Build a wigwam


Back in elementary school, we had some legendary story teller come to our school and help us build a wigwam. He told us stories about the infamous Glouscabay, a squirrel that could morph into any badass animal it chooses. Everytime he would say “Ho!’ we would all say “Hey” so he knew we were all paying attention. Maybe a new Carolina goal horn? He would also teach us the details of animal prints, and memorable life lessons. What do you need for a storm? Shelter, and there’s no better shelter than a wigwam.

Number 2: Paint and sip


Bob Ross, am I right?!!? This isn’t just for the players but for everybody in the rink! We’d supply everyone their own canvas and juice, non- alcoholic because this is a family environment. This storm surge might take longer than the normal storm surges. Hell, let’s be honest, it might take as long as the actual game. This shouldn’t be a problem however because lets face it, we only go to the games for the storm surges. Fun! Fun! Fun! You can go to a Hurricanes game and leave with a painting that will sit in your basement until a garage sale or you get yelled at by your significant other to clean up. The dream!

Number 3: Tik Tok

I’m HUGE on the Tik Tok grind right now (@jimmytheked) and how much fun would it be to create a Tik Tok that gets like, 300 likes and 5,000 views?! There are so many different dance challenges right now along with other fun fun fun things. Personally, I think they should do the Bibidi Babidi Boo challenge where you start off as one thing and end as something else. Something like this:

We could record the Hurricanes post game doing the Macarena and when the switch happens they could just get off the ice like the remaining thirty (30) NHL teams.

Number 4: Raleigh Derby 500

My hometown is big on horse racing and it’d be quite the sight. 20 miniature ponies, 20 hockey players, 1 prize. Because the rink is so small maybe they could do a 5 lap Raleigh 500. With a quick google search, I think the favorite would be Teuvo Teravainen because he’s the shortest on the squad. Racing is all about wind resistance and in a horse race, with no restrictor plates, Teuvo would most certainly come out on top. My dark horse? Joel Edmundson. Dale Earnhardt didn’t become arguably the best NASCAR driver of all time being nice.


Joel Edmundson, leader in PIMS, the intimidator.

Number 5: Rodeo

If we don’t get Dougie Hamilton on a bull then what really is the point of a storm surge? Nothing screams family fun like a good old fashioned rodeo. Cowboys and cowgirls of the Raleigh area will pack the rink as the team takes part in barrel racing, balloon animals and steer wrestling. The team can pass out fake belt buckles, the TV crew can wear their cowboy hats and the crowd can dress like— you guessed it, clowns! Ha! See what I did there?!!

Again, this is all in good fun. Just because I don’t like it doesn’t mean everybody shouldn’t. People are allowed to disagree and have different opinions. While some see dodgeball and get torqued, I roll my eyes. It is what it is. What are some storm surges you all would like to see?

Author: Ked

1st line thoughts with a 4th line heart. Hope you guys enjoy the site and let us know what we can do to make it better. ALWAYS remember-- When in doubt, glass and out.

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