Should the Capitals Trade Braden Holtby?

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First off, I never thought I’d see the day that this topic would be a hot discussion. I might be the biggest Braden Holtby fan in the organization if I’m being totally honest ever since he was on the Hershey Bears and was back and forth from the AHL and NHL I knew he was going to be the next great Capital after seeing him make his NHL debut back in November 5th of 2010. Holts has been nails for this team for so long now and been through it all, whether it was the constant playoff heartbreak or the peak of “the save” and eventually hoisting Lord Stanley.  With the beginning of All Star Weekend and the recent resigning of Nicklas Backstrom and the consistent solid goaltending of the young Ilya Samsonov, the door might be slowly closing for Holtby as a Capital. With Holtby being a free agent at the end of the season as a fan I think it only makes sense to trade him to get some value back for the team for the playoff run baring any injury to Samsonov. Let’s be real here any playoff contending team could use a Braden Holtby you’d be stupid to think otherwise. The Caps are playing at a high level right now and some missing pieces I think that are missing to make it back to the Cup Final again is in the defensive end of the ice. Some possible trade options that I think could help the Caps for a long playoff run are Sami Vatanen of the Devils and Brenden Dillon of the Sharks are the first that come to mind being that those teams need a goalie. Overall I don’t think there is a snowballs chance the Caps resign Holts with Swim Swammi Swenson Samsonov playing at a high caliber. So I think it makes the most sense to try and get something in return now before the Caps don’t get anything after he doesn’t get resigned, but if I was the Caps I would only make a trade if the right person is available and not to make the trade just to make a trade. Overall I think its 70% Holtby finishes out the season with the Caps and then makes his way to Seattle to start as the new franchise’s starting goalie.

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