Guy in The Fed Rips a Slap Shot at The Opposing Teams Bench- Only Gets 15 Games

Scummmmmmmbag alert. I’m sure this isn’t the first time something like this has happened and it might not be the last but what happened in this video is as despicable as it gets. I don’t know any of the details leading up to this but this just absolutely can not happen. I feel bad for the guys who play in the fed because of idiots like this. The Fed might not consist of the best hockey there is but there are some players in that league who can play at a decent level. However, through the years there have been instances of stupid events just like this one that have made the Fed into a joke and it sucks. A lot of these guys are playing because they love the game and they can keep playing but you have maniacs who go out and rip a shot as hard as they can at another teams bench.

And the league just lets it happen. I was about to press publish on this blog saying that there’s no shot this guy ever plays again and then I see this tweet. Can you imagine if some guy in the NHL did this?? He’d be banned, forever.


I mean, are we serious here? You know it’s bad when you have guys on the other team leave the bench and not one guy tries to get in the way. Pretty brutal stuff, makes me sick.

Author: Ked

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