Golden Knights Interested In Bringing AHL Team To Vegas

Dave Andrews, the President and CEO of the AHL, announced yesterday that the Vegas Golden Knights are interested in bringing an American Hockey League team to Sin City. Nothing is written in stone, but Vegas wants this done sooner rather then later.

Right now the Knights affiliate is the Chicago Wolves, but in order for this to happen, Vegas would have to purchase the team in order to move. It doesn’t necessarily mean that their Chicago affiliate needs to be bought and moved. The Chicago Wolves have a pretty strong fan base and team as they lost in the Calder Cup Finals last year to the Charolette Checkers (Carolina Hurricanes).

Ideally, Vegas wants this to happen before the Seattle team enters the league as they will be also introducing a team in Palm Springs for their own AHL affiliate. The move must make sense for the AHL and corresponding NHL affiliate. Seattle and Palm Springs are to begin play at the start of the 2021-2022 season.

I can think of worse places to play if I’m stuck in the AHL. Could you imagine the lifestyle that some of those lifers would live on the strip? They should without a doubt start a reality TV show following those beauties. If you’re never going to make it to the big show, might as well live it up where the party never stops.


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