Ilya Kovalchuk Shhh’s New Jersey Crowd After Shootout Winner

Ahhhh the irony. Once a big name, face of the franchise part of New Jersey, Ilya said no thanks I’m full and returned to Russia to play in the KHL. The drama surrounding the situation spiraled as Ilya was practically shunned from the league, up until he signed with the Kings. He didn’t have a great come back in LA with the Kardashians and Jenners patrolling the streets and was released, only to sign for a team where all older Russians go to prosper- Montreal. Don’t believe me? Check the #stats.

Screen Shot 2020-02-05 at 9.42.16 AM.png

Thats right, 10 points in 13 games isn’t bad at all — especially when you score the shootout winner against the team you broke up with.

That’s right Jersey, shhhhhhh. After getting booed all night, Ilya had the last laugh. I get both sides here– if I was a Jersey fan I wouldn’t stop booing and if I was Ilya, I wouldn’t stop shhing. Also, there’s nothing worse than getting shh’d. It’s one of my biggest pet peeves. My buddy Marc, is the king of Shhh’s. Nothing to really put you in your place than a casual shut the hell up. Love it.

Author: Ked

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