Rangers Deadline Recap

.What an absolute whirlwind of emotion yesterday as JD, Jeff Gorton and Co. set to make the Rangers competitive both in the short and the long term. Are we still in a rebuild? I think yes but because how well the Rags are playing with the emergence of their young guns, I think we collectively as a group want to automatically go into ‘win now’ mode. The two things you need in a rebuild are patience and transparency. You need to let things happen and you need to do it with clear eyes and a full heart- shoutout Coach Taylor. So as most of us were expecting another whole sale yesterday, we were surprised with what happened.

Igor and Buch Involved in a Car Accident

In the morning there was an announcement that the Rangers would be having a press conference and this was unusual. Chris Kreider had been the top targeted player for months and you don’t really hold a press conference for a trade or a reup. Was Henrik Lundqvist on the move? Nobody had any idea, except for a fantasy football podcast.

I saw this and my heart dropped. Could this be true? Immediately people began attacking this account, spreading nonsense, when all they really had to do was wait 30 minutes until JD spoke.

Did anyone else think this was going to be way worse when JD began speaking? I for sure did. Buch ended up being day to day while Igor broke a rib and Rangers nation as a whole we’re relieved that they were okay but also super bummed out that they would be missing time. Igor is the real deal, I don’t think there’s anyway you can say otherwise. Buch has come on as of late and has played well with Mika and Kreids, something you need for a playoff push. Hopefully we’ll have Buch back soon and Igor heals up quick.

Quick note— There’s a certain Islanders fan who made a really dumb choice to tweet something out about this and I just want to talk about it. The people going on and calling this person a bitch, or screaming to the rafters that she’s a piece of shit— Doing this is not the way to go. This person is irrelevant, this person is sad, and this person does not deserve the attention he or she receives. Real kings do not care about the opinion of sheep so just move on. Be happy that the boys are alright and the John Tavares loves his Maple Leafs pajamas.

Chris Kreider Resigns

I said the Rangers needed to trade Kreider for the longest time. I think he’s wildly inconsistent and while he’s having a career year, I just didn’t think he was worth over 7 million dollars. Yes he has the skill set to be a top effective player in the league, but I don’t particularly think he thinks the game at an elite level even though some people think a low shot to the far pad makes you a hockey Einstein (It doesn’t, you literally do drills like this when you’re 12 years old). So when Kreids resigned I was shocked, I honestly couldn’t believe it. I know a lot of people don’t like the term but this man left money on the table to remain a Blueshirt and while that doesn’t correlate to his play, it makes me happy that the guy wants to be here, the guy wants to win here. I know a lot of people wanted 6 years but in reality it wasn’t going to happen. Both sides caved for the other, and Kreider will remain on broadway for another 7 years. One thing you can’t argue is that Kreider is a player you want and need in a 7 game series. He’s seen it all, has arguably been one of the more clutch Rangers performers in the playoffs and will continue to help the kids learn the league.

The Brady Skjei Storm Surge

IMO this was the best news of the day. Bradys first couple of years had people comparing him to Ryan McDonagh and that was Bradys flaw. Brady never was able to perform as a top shut down defenseman, struggled making decisions with the puck and hasn’t lived up to the contract the Rangers gave him.  With Anthony DeAngelo needing to be resigned, the Rags dealt Brady to the fun bus for a first round pick— A FIRST ROUND PICK. Not only will the Rangers be able to save money to TD, they will have a chance to take a shot at a kid in the first round or even package their pick with Carolinas to move up. K’Andre Miller should be ready in the next couple of years and Marc Staal will hopefully hit the showers sooner rather than later. In every rebuild, a team will at some point have to acquire players in free agency and while defenseman are hard to come by, it’s a lot easier finding a left handed – side defenseman than a right side. Again, in my opinion this was the best thing the Rangers did yesterday and hopefully helps them build the build that will guide them to lord Stanley.

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