The King Needs to Leave Town This Summer

If you haven’t gotten a chance to read Ked’s blog regarding the New York Rangers yesterday, read it first. He does a great job navigating the emotional roller coaster every Rangers fan went through on deadline day. From the accident, to the signing, and then finally the trade. His blog is linked right below…

Keds NYR Deadline Recap

This blog won’t recap the Rangers moves at the deadline, but rather what the moves mean for the New York Rangers and Henrik Lundqvist. There are still so many question marks for the New York Rangers and this year could be an anomaly in terms of success. Right now we have a perfect storm of story book success and realistically I don’t see this team bottling this up next year if the correct moves aren’t taken this summer. One of those is to get Henrik Lundqvist off the books.

In order for the Rangers to have any success next year, they need to solidify their forward positions. Now that Kreider is signed long term, they need to address the center depth. I think they need to sign Strome. Their isn’t another center out there that can bring what he brings to the Rangers. His success with Panarin is one thing, but the way he approaches the game and his hockey IQ is exactly what this team needs. And don’t be fooled for what you think you can get for him if you traded him. Teams remember his struggles with the Oilers and Islanders. He won’t give us much in return and he would make very good third line center when we are ready to bring in a top tier second line center. Having that 1-2-3 punch will be awesome. Strome won’t demand too much. I think he understand where his bread is buttered. (See what I did there)? The Rangers also need to extend Buch. Analytically he’s been one of our best players and when he gets hot we’ve seen the success this team has. Look at the last 10 games with him finally contributing. Again, another vital piece that won’t cost too much money in my eyes. Moving Hank would make room for Strome and Buch extension and the ability to bring in any big free agents going into next year. Finally our defense will play out as is. Insert Tony contract for Brady and that’s that. Not sure of a Staal buyout or if they ride it out one more year.

A two goalie tandem is much needed in today’s NHL to be successful in the regular season. Time and time again, injuries and hiccups come into play which can cripple a team because of a lack of goalie depth. The Rangers have that and will have that for years to come if they can ship the King out of NY. Igor can be our starter. Georgie can play a back up role. We then can move Georgie in the near future and call up a Huska if he keeps developing like he is. Our goalie depth gives us a lot options moving forward. We also have the luxury of having one of the finest goalie coaches in the league, Benoit Allaire, who has done magical things with the NYR goaltending under his tenure. I’m very confident with his ability to turn any goalie into a very solid back up.

Moving Hank this summer means as much to the Rangers as it should to Henrik. I think I speak for every Rangers fan when I say that Henrik Lundqvist has been one of the most impactful and meaningful Rangers since 94. He carried this team on his back countless times and gave everything he could. They just fell short of the ultimate goal and that’s ok. In sports it is so hard to win a championship which is why we see strings of teams win in every sport. Hank deserves to have another shot at the cup. It doesn’t need to be with the Rangers. He’s 38 and needs his shot now. I say this to you Hank….thank you for everything you have done in the NYR sweater. But you spent your life dedicated to the game of hockey and worked so hard to be one of the best goaltenders of all time. Go get that ring and solidify yourself as The King. Every Rangers fan will have your back and be pulling for you no matter what colors you wear (except if it’s for Islanders or Devils).


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