Are…Are the Flyers Good?

How would I describe the Flyers right now? It’s impossible to use any word other than white hot. The boys? They are buzzing. Let’s take a look at how good they’ve been as we get started in March. The Flyers are 8-2-0 in their last 10 games, and have won six straight. They just wrapped up a home and home sweep against the Rangers, the former hottest team in the league by putting up a total of 10 goals. I was at the game on Sunday in New York, and it was utter domination for about 50 minutes of the game. Granted, the Rangers did not play well, but the Flyers were phenomenal at capitalizing on poor passing and just sloppy hockey.

After beating the Rangers on Sunday, the Flyers sit three point behind the first place Washington Capitals. THREE! If you had told me at the beginning of this season that the Flyers would potentially be in first place as late as March, I would’ve told you you’re crazy. I knew this team was going to be good and likely make the playoffs, but I didn’t see this coming at all. Is there a lot of hockey left to play? Oh hell yea there is, but right now the Flyers are one of the best teams in the league. The best part is? This success is all depth based. Let me guide your attention to the Flyers stats leaders.

Leading the team in points is, no surprise, Travis Konecny. I’ve been in on this kid since half way through his draft year. I was so happy when the Flyers drafted him in 2015, and I’m so happy that I’ve been right about how good this guy is. He’s like Brad Marchand Jr., and I think he has a higher ceiling. Anyway, TK has 23 goals and 60 points in 62 games. Next up is the usual trifecta of Couturier, Voracek and Giroux with 58, 52, and 49 points, respectively. These guys hold those numbers through 65 games. I won’t keep listing the numbers, but instead of having a superstar like McDavid or Pastrnak, every single person on the team contributes. When one guy cools off, another catches fire so the boys stay hot. The defense has been solid, and Sean Couturier is going to win the Selke Trophy.

Then there’s the other best part about this team. Carter. Fucking. Hart. Or as the boys in the locker room refer to him, Cahtah Haht. Per NBC Philly, he’s the best defender of his home since Kevin McAllister. Honestly? I can’t really disagree with that. Cahtah Haht has a home record of 18-2-2, a 0.941 SV% and a 1.61 GAA (shouts to for helping me get those numbers). His away numbers could be a little better, but that’s primarily due to him and the whole Flyers team starting the season playing terribly on the road. He’s been an absolute brick wall in net and he has made me contemplate whether it is possible to legally adopt another adult. I just love this team so damn much right now and it feels so good (also a little weird) to have a good hockey team in Philly again.

I am a little worried, though. As a Philadelphia fan, I’m not used to good things happening. When things start to go well, something terrible happens that ruins it. Maybe it’s from years of heartbreak, I’m not sure. In the meantime, however, I’m just going to keep enjoying this beautiful ride the Flyers are on and look forward to watching them in the playoffs. Also, if someone reading this knows Travis Konecny, tell him he can have my girlfriend whenever he wants. Go Flyers.

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