Which New York Rangers Coach Will Win The Jack Adams?

As we approach the final 15 games of the regular season, their is a lot of talk about which teams will be playing for the Stanley Cup and which teams will be making some early tee times. I think there is plenty of room for talk for who will win the 19-20 Jack Adams Award. This award goes to the top coach in the league. This year there are plenty of cases to be made, but the top three out of the Eastern Conference have one thing I’m common.

Note: This is a post about NYRs coaches. I realize there are other coaches in contention.

David Quinn: New York Rangers 35-26-4

Coach Quinn is my favorite for the Jack Adams this year. From where the Rangers were at the beginning of the season, to now is remarkable. They have grown so much as a team and have played at such an elevated level that they now are fighting for a playoff spot in the toughest division in hockey. They have the youngest roster on paper and are playing way above their heads. The Quinn system is working in NY and it’s making for a fun season that was expected to be a full rebuilding year.

Alain Vigneault: Philadelphia Flyers 38-20-7

It kills me to write this but AV has done a very good job in Philadelphia. They seem to be clicking in all aspects. Goaltending has been strong, especially at home, the forwards are playing structured, and the defense have been contributing on both ends. Classic AV hockey. Regular season champs. Right now the Flyers are second in Metro and are on the Caps heels. If they can keep this up and grab the top spot, it’ll be pretty hard not to give AV the Adams award.

John Tortorella: Columbus Blue Jackets 32-21-14

What an amazing job Torts has done thus far. A team that I and most people believed would be at the very bottom of the standings, have found themselves in a playoff spot. Despite losing out on many key pieces during the off-season, fighting injuries all year long, and relying on inexperienced youth to make up the difference; this team has played out of their damn minds. Right now Torts has to be the front runner throughout the league. Looking at the rosters some of these coaches have and then looking at where they are in the standings, there isn’t another coach I would remotely consider for winning Coach of the Year.


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