Panthers Goalie, Bobrovsky, To Pay $100k In Support Of BB&T Center Employees

The past few days have been a tough time for everyone. No sports, no concerts, and no shows. The entertainment aspect will certainly be missed by many, but little thought is ever given to the people who rely on those games and live events to help pay the bills. Sergei Bobrovsky has stepped up and is donating $100k to help support those workers who are taking a financial hit as the Coronavirus infects the states.

The generous donation will help all employees, but mainly those who rely on an hourly wage. The employees count on not just Panthers home games, but also the live events that take place at the stadium. There is no word on exactly how long these events will be suspended, but it will certainly help for the time being.


News like this is exactly what you like to hear in such a chaotic time. People who are in position to help, being generous. Just a few days ago, Washington Capitals owner, Ted Leonsis, said he would still be paying Capital One Arena employees as the NHL is suspended. A class act move that will hopefully spark other owners and players to step up. This doesn’t need to be an NHL thing, but rather a president set by the NHL that will show the other leagues how it’s done.


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