After 52 Years, The Blues Sweep The Season Series Against The Blackhawks

I first moved to Chicago summer of 2012. I grew up watching the Blues so when I decided to move to Chicago people always joked about jumping on the Blackhawks bandwagon. I figured I had to buy a Blackhawks jersey so I went with Darren Pang.

The rivalry was more fun when the Blackhawks were good. They Probably shouldn’t have fired Quenneville or traded Panarin and the list goes on. It’s hard being a Blues fan in Chicago but I wouldn’t want it any other way. Leading the central division most of this season it looks like the Blues want to make another run. But before we talk about another cup run we gotta celebrate the first ever season sweep after 52 years.

Back in October I wrote about the Blackhawks signing DeBrincat to a three year deal and that’s about the best thing the hawks have done all season. 

Will the Blackhawks ever make the playoffs again? Probably not 

Image result for stan bowman clown

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