Hockey Fans Everywhere Come Together To Support K’Andre Miller

The purpose of this post isn’t to talk about what happened to K’Andre Miller during an online Zoom videoconference for the New York Rangers. But to sum up everything briefly for those who don’t know what happened, here it is. The Zoom chat in which the Rangers set up for fans to ask questions, was eventually flooded by a hacker that used a racial slur to attack Miller.

The platform, Zoom, is currently having a rough time. New York State has told public schools to not use their service because of hackers and incidents where people flooded the chat room with inappropriate content. So who knows if this person was even hockey fan. Probably not, but that’s not the point. This isn’t a hockey problem, it’s a society problem and it is unfortunate that people like this exist. But the best part of these discouraging and frustrating moments is when people come together in its aftermath. It’s then you realize that good always triumphs the bad!


So the reason for this blog is to acknowledge the display of support for K’Andre Miller who handled the situation like a fucking pro! Fans, organizations, teammates, and media across all platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram came to express their love and support for the 20 year Rangers prospect. Here are just a few of countless tweets that I came across over the past few days.

Ryan Strome, Jacob Trouba and Tony DeAngelo of the New York Rangers jumped straight to Twitter to show their support of their future teammate. Tony took some heat because he was involved in an incident regarding a “slur” when he was in Junior. He has apologized for the incident back in 2014 and hopefully grew as a person, realizing their consequences when using that type of vulgar that has no place in society.

The LA Kings were also quick to show support for Miller. I’m not sure how accurate the part of that tweet where they look forward to hosting the Rangers in the future is, considering the 6-4 Miller will be a nightmare for any team in a couple of years! Miller will be a key piece in the eventual Stanley Cup run.

Of course the New York Rangers organization addressed the issue and I am very happy to hear that they are investigating the issue. This person needs to pay the price for being a piece of shit human. That coward needs to face the music and apologize and see the impact their actions have.

Brian Burke said it best in my opinion. Great to see one of the biggest names in NHL media stand up and address the issue.

I really wish I could show you every single tweet, but there are endless amounts of love and support all over the internet. It sucks that something bad has to happen to shed light on the even greater amount of good in this world. But that’s life, I guess. I do a podcast for the Rangers through the Hockey Podcast Network, @hockeypodnet and our twitter, @broadwayboyspod is very Rangers heavy of course. The amount of love and support from everyone we follow and who follows us was amazing. It seriously gave me chills to see everyone tweet to K’Andre to show their own support. The hockey world is a special place and it never gets old to see such great people come together to help and support one another.

Personally, I’m disgusted by this incident, but even more so inspired after seeing the reaction of the hockey world and I hope Miller is also. The coward that’s hiding in his moms basement doesn’t represent New York Rangers fans, hockey fans, or the vast majority of people in this world and while it is easy to harp on the negative, it’s important to see the overwhelming positive and love that came from this incident. And I for one cannot wait for K’Andre to officially become a New York Ranger and yell the words…..IT’S MILLER TIME!!!!


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