Talkin’ Sticks – CCM

Coming in second in the series for Talkin’ Sticks, we got CCM. Like Bauer, CCM has been around for as long as most hockey fans can remember. Unlike Bauer, however, the late 2010s were VERY good to them in terms of becoming a major player in the market. Up until I believe 2018, CCM-Reebok was owned by Adidas. For those who care, they’re now owned by a Canadian private equity firm. Anyway, CCM-Reebok merged into one enterprise of CCM, and CCM benefited from being to adopt all of Reebok’s technology into their equipment, especially their sticks. In the late 2010s, CCM was fortunate to have guys like Sidney Crosby and Connor McDavid repping their gear. They were also able to convert Alex Ovechkin and Auston Matthews, even if he hasn’t officially been introduced as a CCM guy. Anyway, they’ve skyrocketed in terms of market share and have drastically improved their sticks. Let’s take a look at what’s out there.

Ribcor Trigger 4

Ah, the Ribcor line. Honestly, Reebok KNOCKED this out of the park when they introduced the first Ribcor in late 2013, and since the merger CCM has taken it to new levels. The Ribcor is CCM’s low-kick stick and features an Asymetric Taper Shaft Design designed to maximize the quick release on a shot. Similar to Bauer’s Vapor line, this stick sacrifices a little power to get the shot off quicker, and also tend to find themselves in the hands of guys who like to dangle. I’m gonna be frank with you guys, this is probably the number one stick I want to try. Everyone I’ve ever talked to about it raves on about how good it is and how well they can feel the puck. The Ribcor line in the NHL is unique in the sense that guys using it like some of the older models. Anyway, some notable names using the Ribcor line are none other than Sidney Crosby, Alex Ovechkin, and Nathan MacKinnon. Not sure about you guys but I think they’re pretty good.

Jetspeed FT2

The Jetspeed line features technology that is unique to CCM. It has what CCM calls a hybrid kick point. What this means is that it benefits both wrist shots, one time bombs, and everything in between. Slightly different from a mid-kick stick, the Jetspeed line is meant to allow you to shoot from anywhere and be pretty damn good at it too. Basically, it has a quicker release than a mid-kick and a harder shot than a low-kick. It also has a dampened core in the blade to maximize puck feel and responsiveness. CCM essentially packaged into one stick all the best parts of their other sticks, and got the Jetspeed as a result. It’s also up there on the list of sticks I really want to try, and not just because I want every stick at all times. Notable names using the FT2 are Auston Matthews (mostly), Artemi Panarin, and Charlie McAvoy

Super Tacks AS2 Pro

CCM introduced the Tacks line in 2014, and it has since become very popular in leagues all over the place. Their latest model is the AS2 Pro, which is CCM’s version of a traditional mid-kick stick. CCM markets their Tacks line as having good power and accuracy. Basically if you’re a guy who just grips it and absolutely rips it, this is the stick you want from CCM. Its stiff taper zone and soft mid section attempt to maximize your possibility of going top corner on a bomb from the point. With a ACU4 blade, the blade won’t be twisting on a hard shot, even furthering the control on the shot. What I’m saying is if you’re still missing the net with this, it isn’t the stick. I will say, however, you don’t need to be a big, powerful defenseman to use this. In addition to Seth Jones using it, both Patrice Bergeron and Matt Barzal are lighting the lamp with the Super Tacks AS2.

I’d love to hear what you guys think of this series and if you’d like to see me or any of the other guys cover anything else. Let us know on Twitter and Instagram.

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