Join The Stanley Cut Haircut Contest For a Chance to Win One of 3 Grand Prizes


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The fellas from SummerSkates reached out to us yesterday to spread the word about this and it just seems like a no brainer. At what other time in your life did you have the complete freedom to go with any type of hair cut you ever wanted knowing that there’d be no-one in your immediate space to judge what was going on under your hat?

So here’s what you do.

Step 1: Take a current picture; really try to make yourself look ugly as shit so when you take picture number 2 you get that woah factor.

Step 2: Cut hair. Mullets, Mohawks, bowl cuts are all welcome during this time.

Step 3: Take new picture. I’m a sucker for duck lips as I instinctually do it every time I take a snap chat selfie (snap chat camera makes you look skinnier FYI) but be original and try to bring the woah factor.

Step 4: Enter yourself to win at

It’s fun, it’s easy, and if you fully commit theres a good chance you walk away with some cool prizes from companies like BUTTENDZ, Blade Shades, Summer Skates, The Original Sauce Kit, TRUE, Hockey Wrap Around or Pacific Rink Gear Supply. Good luck to every body who enters it and remember it can be business in the front and party in the back.

Author: Ked

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