Round 1 Playoff Picks Are In!

After 5-3 record to start the post season gambling fun, I need to address something. First off, the Pittsburgh Penguins leave me speechless. Holy hell was that embarrassing I apologize for anyone to took that bet. I am with you. This might have been the toughest hit of my gambling career in terms of confidence. I see articles saying that Crosby knows the window is closing with the core of the Penguins. Uhhh hey bud, the window is shut, sealed off, and cemented over. You just lost to a team that had no business sniffing the playoffs. But don’t worry Penguins fans. The league won’t let you lose that bad. This loss is just in time for Shittsburgh to get even more help from the NHL in winning themselves another decade of a franchise player.

So here we are….the picks for ROUND 1….again I will keep this short and sweet.

Eastern Conference

Philadelphia Flyers (-240) vs Montreal Canadiens (+200)

AV ready to take on the Montreal Canadiens.

I’ll admit that the Habs flew in under the radar. The Flyers are on a mission here. They will be ready to go and won’t allow Montreal into this series. Now I thought the same thing of the Penguins, but I didn’t have anything to base my theory upon. I would not want to play the Flyers right now. They are feeling good and AV can lead anytime to the Stanley Cup Final and lose!

My pick: Philadelphia Flyers -240

Tampa Bay Lightning (-225) vs Columbus Blue Jackets (+185)

Tampa Bay gets swept by Blue Jackets in 2019.

This is by far the worst series to bet in my opinion. This is a revenge match up after the huge sweep last year. I think Tampa takes this personal and squeaks out a win here. But do not dismiss this Jackets team. They find a way to get the job done. I just don’t think they have the fire power like they did last year along with the element of surprise.

My Pick: Tampa Bay Lightning (-225)….yikes

Washington Capitals (-180) vs New York Islanders (+160)

Trotz lifts the Cup for the Caps back in 2018.

This is my favorite series in the East. Old coach going against his old team. Islanders are well structured. They can suffocate you and then take advantage of your break down. I love them in this series. I really think they can take control of this series early by shutting down the Great 8 and his henchmen. Trotz is a top 3 coach in the league and he is well prepared to show Washington it was a mistake letting him go after winning a Stanley Cup. Also, +160 is an outrageous line for the Islanders. Give me that all day everyday!

My Pick: New York Islanders +160

Boston Bruins (-150) vs Carolina Hurricanes (+130)

Bruins took down Canes in the Eastern Conference Final in 2019.

Boston didn’t look great in their round robin games. I don’t know how to read this team. At any given moment they can man handle any team in the league. Other times they look like they Detroit Red Wings. Carolina on the other hand looks like they could get to the Eastern Conference Finals again….who did they play? Oh yea the Bruins. Again, another great match up for us hockey fans. I think he find a different outcome this time around and for plus money, it’s a no brainer.

My Pick: Carolina Hurricanes +130

Western Conference

Vegas Golden Knights (-250) vs Chicago Blackhawks (+210)

Knights look to take down Blackhawks in Round 1 matchup.

I’m not saying the Hawks don’t have a chance but I am saying they don’t have a shot in hell. This isn’t the Oilers where if you shut down the 2 man show, you can beat them. Vegas is a well oiled machine. They are deep, they have goaltending, they have a strong d-core. They are Stanley Cup contenders. Chicago won’t be able to handle this team. Easy money….expensive, but easy.

My Pick: Vegas Golden Knights -250

Colorado Avalanche (-250) vs Arizona Coyotes (+210)

MacDaddy looking to bring the cup back to Colorado.

The Avalanche are my team to win it all. I got them last summer at +1100. Arizona is my team though so this is going to be tough for me emotionally. The Avs are not going to lose this series. They are built for right now. Vegas and Avs are meant to fight it out in the West and the Coyotes will not get in the way of that. Arizona has flashes of strong hockey as we saw against Nashville, but they lack the fire power to win 4 games against Colorado. I think this could be a sweep unfortunately.

My Pick: Colorado Avalanche -250

Dallas Stars (-140) vs Calgary Flames (+120)

Snooze fest series.

This series is ew. Boring. No storylines here. Nothing I am expecting or even want to see. I see this going 7 games with these 2 teams refusing to take control of the series. I will bet the Flames just because they are plus money, so when I am wrong over this coin flip, I’ll save myself 40 bucks.

My Pick: Calgary Flames +120

St. Louis Blues (-200) vs Vancouver Canucks (+170)

The young guns will take down the champs.

The Blues have had a tough go so far in the bubble. I really do think they feed off their fans and environment. They are no longer the underdog. They are the champs and have the target on their back. Stanley Cup hangover anyone? I love the money the Canucks are getting. I will take the money and run. You know an upset will happen in the first round and this is setting up prime for my Nucks to take the big bad Blues down.

My Pick: Vancouver Canucks +170

Welp, that’s all I got for ya. Good luck to everyone making plays this round. Hopefully I can have another positive round and keep the momentum going.


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