Georges Laraque Wants to Drop The Mits With Mike Tyson

Former NHL enforcer Georges Laraque has said he is working on arranging a fight with boxing heavyweight champion Mike Tyson, noting that the possible bout is “75 percent done.”

The retired ice hockey player who was famously known for his fierce fights on the ice said he is ready to put on the boxing gloves to get in the ring with ‘Iron’ Mike.

During a live broadcast on a Montreal radio station the 43-year-old said he’s talking with Tyson’s camp about the possible fight, stressing that the two sides are close to finalizing all the details.

Laraque revealed that the event is “75 percent done” and all he needs now is to find a promoter who will put together a real boxing card for the evening.

You know what, at this point, nothing shocks me in 2020. Did anyone ever think that big Georges Laqaraue would be fighting one of the best boxers of all time?

So obviously the question is, who is going to win? 

Georges has a whole lot of size for sure but lets remember we arent on ice skates people! Yeah most of the best heavyweights on skates can throw bombs but a lot of them had to ability to grip and push and pull their opponents off balance— because of the ice. 

Now I don’t know a whole lot about boxing but I do know 2 things. 

1. You aren’t wearing ice skates

2. It’s all about the fundamentals

Having said this, Laraques doesn’t have a shot in hell of beating Mike Tyson. Clearly Mike has seen some shit in his day but how about a little highlight package.

“Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.”

Good luck Georges, you’re going to need it.

Author: Ked

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