Wanna See the Most Russian Thing Ever?

So here I am, taking a little break from work to scroll through Twitter, when I come across a video from the guys at Howie’s Hockey Tape. I read the actual tweet before watching the video so I thought I was going to see another video of someone training on their treadmill or something during quarantine. And then, I actually watched the video.

In a hockey sense, I genuinely think this is the most Russian thing I’ve ever seen. It’s like if you took Drago from Rocky IV and made him train at home without all the fancy, Soviet provided equipment. I feel like this dude wakes up, has some Russian gas for breakfast, trains like this, and then goes and cleans his AK-47. If we’re being honest, he probably won that AK-47 for being player of the game in a KHL game.

Now, I don’t have 100% confirmation that this guy is actually Russian or even European. He and this video just give off major Russia vibes, so I’m sticking with it. In all seriousness though, major props to this dude for finding a way to get some training in while the world seems to be heading for another major quarantine. I literally haven’t been on the ice for over a year and live in southern Delaware where there aren’t exactly many places to skate and work on your hockey skills.

What are some of your favorite ways to get better at hockey away from the rink? My personal favorite is letting my driveway get a little frozen to at least have some surface to handle a puck. Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and let’s get some hands like Patty Kane so we can beat this Russian machine on a breakaway.

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