Blues Trainer Hasn’t Missed a Game Since 1995. Reaches 2000 Games

Ray Barile’s work ethic is what every dad wants their kids to be like. To put it in perspective, if I had a pulse, my old man expected me to be at work. Did this happen? I’d put that at 50/50 but I would often think about how crazy older people were in terms of missing work. I got COVID earlier this year and the joke in my family was that my dad would’ve still expected me to be at work because that’s just who he was and that’s what he expected.

Can you imagine not missing a day of work for 26 years? 26 YEARS. Just absolutely insane. You ask the GM who his favorite contracts were I can guarantee that Ray is in the top 5. Also, shoutout to the Blues for hooking him up with a watch. I saw someone comment that they kept cutting the camera to him and it was just Ray continually smiling and checking out the watch. I love this shit.

Author: Ked

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