Flyers Update from Hank: Pain

Usually when I say things like “man, the Flyers suck”, “we’re not a good team”, etc., it’s honestly a bit of an exaggeration. But oh. My. God. I haven’t been this embarrassed to be Flyers fan in a long time. I have never watched a team be so bad at hockey, be so soft, and just seem to care less about the game. It’s an absolute joke and it’s exacerbated by the fact that nothing is being done. No fights in a game, no fights in the locker room, no front office moves, nothing. I was really thinking of going on some long spiel about why this team sucks, why the defense is a joke, but I don’t think they deserve that. Could I comment on Sanheim and Myers being -6 before the third even starts? Yes, and I hope they get scratched next game. But no, I’m not going to give this team more than a paragraph. It’s a disgrace and I hate that I love this team. Go Flyers, I guess.

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