Why Am I The Only One Who Doesn’t Respect/Tolerate Pierre-Edouard Bellemares Back Door Antics?



So this news broke yesterday and everyone on social media wants to hold a parade for Pierre- Edouard Jean Sebastion Marc Edward Bellemare. What a guy!!! Such an unselfish move, absolute CLASS ACT. Mr. Pierre decided to give his POTG award to his goalie after France beat Finland 5-1.

Give me a fucking break. Ask anyone who knows me, “Hey do you think ked would do that?” and they would laugh in your face. I cannot imagine being awarded a POTG and being like yeah you know what, no thanks. I earned that award. My facebook status WILL be updated and everyone in my world will know that, yes again, I am the best player on the ice. We’re supposed to compete, not start a PC cry fest about how amazing of a person you are.

If I was the goalie I would’ve been pissed. Hey bud, I don’t want your charity award (shoutout J Spencer). If you want to give me the award, give it to me in the lockerroom with the boys, the only ones that matter. I’d rather not be used as a pawn during your journey for claiming the Nobel Peace Prize. Hey Pierre, Ked sees right through your bullshit.


Also, I only know two Pierres. This guy, and McGuire- both terrible people.


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Author: Ked

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