NHL Awards + Expansion Breakdown


Last night was the NHL Award / Expansion Draft spectacular. Woof! Filled with cheesy jokes, creepy Pierre McGuire and the song “How You Like Me Now?” the NHL really did out do itself in a sense of releasing a very cringe-worthy 2 hours. I’m just going to highlight a couple of my main takeaways.


  • Pierre Edouard Bellemare was taking by VG from the Flyers. This guy demonstrates so much class that when the Knights went to give him the C, he politely declined and said it should go to Connor Brickley.
  • I am so sick and tired of this whole “Fleury is a Saint. A literal Saint”. Get the fuck out of here. Bottomline- The guy chose to win a cup and the become the face of a franchise instead of getting traded to a probably shitty team during the Trade Deadline.


Get the fuck out of my face with this. It was probably nice outside and he probably doesn’t have any friends out there right now so he thought. “Hey lets trick Vegas into thinking I’m Mother Theresa too!”. Makes me sick.

  • I have no idea who this host was but seriously NHL?! How about you hire Biznasty to host? At least we’d get some T&A and wouldn’t have to hear “How Do You Like Me Now?” every two seconds. Boobs+Butts+Sauce Hockey Soundtrack >>> whatever the fuck last night was. Fourth line for life
  • Connor McDavid is coming? No pal, Connor McDavid is here. The kid cleaned shop and is now the face of NHL 18. Now EDM just has to hope theres no Madden curse on frozen water.
  • Some really nicem moments: Laing, Anderson and Bickel. All have been through so much but gutted it out. Why? Because they’re hockey players and they’re tough as nails. Noone will ever EVER question that.

Last Night Hal and I did our first podcast in weeks which you can click here to listen too. Tomorrow is the draft and only a few more days until free agent frenzy. Should be pretty entertaining. We’ll be back soon with a wrap up podcast on these two events. As always, grip and then rip.



Author: Ked

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