Brad Marchand Already in Playoff Form. Deservingly Suspended 5 Games.


You know the old saying, you can pick up a piece of roadkill on route 9 on your way home from the Mill in your Silverado, cook it up nice, make some hamburger helper with it, but at the end of the day you are just eating fucking roadkill.

Brad Marchand may be a reigning 1st Team NHLer in the midst of a 50 point season, on the best line in the NHL. Scoring game winners like this one last night:

But he is still a rat deep down inside. As a bruins fan its pretty unreal having a guy on you team who is going to snap at any minute, but its pretty understandable why the rest of the league hates him so much. This being his 5th NHL suspension, the NHL would be stupid not to act on this. This is the exact play they want out of the game, and no matter the severity, its gonna to cost you games every time. Good.

Guys like Marchand may become more disciplined over their careers, but that passion they play the game with never leaves. Marchand has gotten smarter overtime, and I think that proof of that is in his last 2 suspensions. Both plays looked like accidents and are well masked in the play off the game. Take a look at this nut cracker he performed on good ole Canadian boy Jake Dotchin:


For the Bruins fanbase, I think this serves as a nice wakeup call. We have been floating on cloud 9 during this 17 game point streak, the longest in 35 years. With McAvoy out for a few weeks after a heart procedure, Rene Rancourt singing off into the sunset soon, and now Marchand out of the lineup, it wouldn’t be a surprise if they faltered a tad. I don’t care how long this streak last but rather how they respond after losing a few in a row. Its a long season.

The silver lining is Anders Bjork  will get a shot of redemption as it was reported this night by Mark Diver, @markdivver, (arguably the best AHL beat writer in the world) that Bjork was a late scratch before the Baby Bs matchup in Lehigh Valley tonight. Bjork came out of the gates red hot, and wasn’t able to refine his game after some time on the IR. The kid oozes talent and its only a matter of time before he rounds out his game to become an NHL regular.

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