The New NHL Wednesday Night Hockey Song Will be by Green Day

AP The NHL could be on the way to its version of “Are You Ready For Some Football?”

The league is announcing a two-year partnership with Green Day that includes an opening song for NBC Sports’ “Wednesday Night Hockey.” The song, “Ready, Fire, Aim” isn’t custom-made for the NHL and will be on Green Day’s next album, though it’s likely a matter of time until Green Day or another band follows what Hank Williams and later Carrie Underwood did for the NFL.

“That I think will probably be the evolution,” NHL chief content officer and executive Vice President Steve Mayer said. “If you look at our season and how many times this thing is going to be on, it’ll become an anthem. The song, we’re using slap shots, it’s about scoring and speed — “Fire, Ready, Aim” — I think people will start associating this.”

The year is 2019. The NHL has opened their eyes and realized that they should probably start this thing called marketing. They look around at their peers, the MLB, the NBA and the NFL. They see what the NFL has done with Sunday Night Football and decide, “Ya know, what we should get our own song!” They need an anthem, but who? Who should sing this anthem? Who will hockey fans relate to? Who will hockey fans think would be cool. And then, and only then, they make their decision.


Boulevard of mother fucking broken dreams, Green Day is back. I don’t know how to feel about this. I think when watching Wednesday Night Hockey, I should be torqued and ready to go. Does Green Day do that for me? I’m not sure. I can remember that the song ‘Holiday’ slapped.

But other than that, isn’t Green Day a band that sings songs you listen to when your girlfriend dumped you for QB1 or for when your dad won’t let you go to the skate park?

I don’t know what to think about this. What do you think?

Author: Ked

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