Both Sides of the Roman Polak – Jack Edwards Saga

Okay so I’m just going to break down both sides real quick.


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Was going to start off this blog with Allan Walshs tweet but couldn’t find it. Honestly have no idea how or why this has happened but it made me chuckle. To the burner phone!

I can see why you guys aren’t thrilled with his words. Jack has had a history of towing the line in terms of what he’s said before.

As an announcer, he is the biggest homer in the league, that is why everybody who isn’t a Boston Bruins fan hates him. Jack gets caught up in the game too much as if he is a member of the squad and will say whatever he wants with no repercussions. The last thing someone should say when someone is seriously hurt is, oh well thats karma for ya. He’s loud, opinionated and certainly shouldn’t be saying anything like that.


First off, “just before” isn’t exactly correct. Jack said this literally seconds after this play occured. Depending on the severity of the injury I dont know if this would’ve been said, but I digress. Roman Polak went pretty low, missed his mark (which would’ve ended in a dangerous play) and smoked himself against the boards. If you believe in the hockey gods, you believe in hockey karma. Hockey karma is along the lines with if you take a dive, you’ll take a penalty. If you slash someone really hard, you break your stick not theirs. If you throw a dangerous type of check to an opponent, something bad will happen to you, not to your opponent. At that moment, Jack Edwards was saying exactly that. He wasn’t laughing or wishing harm to Roman he was simply stating that Polak went for a somewhat dangerous hit, missed his mark and injured himself and in Jacks mind, that is hockey karma.

I honestly couldn’t care any less about this. Do you know what’s important here? Roman Polak. The only thing I was worried about was Roman Polak and he seems to be fine / doing better which is awesome because you know I’m a big Roman Polak guy. Jack Edwards probably woke up today feeling terrible about a comment he didn’t think would piss that many people off immediately after an injury. Everybody who is pissed off will continue to be in rage until something is done more than likely. Everybody who is pissed off that people are pissed off will end up being, you guessed it, pissed off.

It’s been a tough week for announcers with this, the shortstop comment overseas and the Auston Matthews comment by Hughson. I always thought it’d be so cool to be an announcer and now you couldn’t pay me enough money in the world to do it.


Author: Ked

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