Voting Oskar Lindblom For NHL All-Star Game, Metro Captain

By now we all heard the news about Philadelphia Flyers, Oskar Lindblom. Last week news broke that he was diagnosed with Ewing sarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer. I couldn’t fathom being 23 years old and hearing that type of news after having the world at your fingertips playing professional hockey.

This morning I came across one of the cooler posts on Reddit that I have ever seen. Fans coming together to get Oskar voted into the NHL All-Star game.

There is nothing like the hockey community when people are in need of support. This is one of those cases. We all know someone that had to battle cancer. There is so much strength in love and support. Oskar needs that right now and what better way of showing you care than voting him into the All-Star game. Oskar obviously won’t be able to play as he starts his battle, but letting him know the entire hockey world is behind him will hopefully give him a boost. The link below is for fan voting for the NHL All-Star game.

In 99% of the cases where fans vote a player into the All-Star game based on anything but talent, I would be against. This isn’t one of them. This isn’t about getting a “good guy” into the game. It is to show Oskar that everyone is behind him and he isn’t alone in his fight. Thank you arahn17 for creating this post. Let’s get Oskar in there and show him he’s got the entire hockey community behind him.

Fuck Cancer.


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