Patrick Kane Hits 1,000 Points

Last night Patrick Kane hit a milestone that has been anticipated all season long. Given the career Kane has had thus far it was inevitable that this day would come sooner than later. But last night there was a buzz in the United Center as the crowd knew that history could be made anytime Kane touched the puck.

When Patrick Kane has the puck behind the Jets net late in the third period, the magic happened. Kane slid the puck to the front of the net to Ryan Carpenter. Carpenter then slid a beautiful pass back door to Brandon Saad, who put it home. With that assist, Patrick Kane became the 90th player in NHL history to hit the 1,000 point mark.

Once the bench realized that Kane hit the anticipated milestone, the bench cleared to mob him and honor his amazing feat. An act that was orchestrated by Blackhawks Captain, Jonathan Toews. Kane was quoted after the game…

“I don’t know who orchestrated that or what that was about, but I’m sure ‘Tazer’ probably had something to do with that.”

Kane is now the 10th American to hit 1,000 points. His road to first all-time for Americans will be tough but not impossible. Right now Kane trails Brett Hull (1st) by 391 points. Given Kane’s age of 31 this year and his level of production. We should see him climb to that first spot over the next 5 years barring no significant injuries (fingers crossed).

Blackhawks beat the Jets 5-2 and sit just 3 points out of a wild card with a game in hand. Now that the pressure is off, Kane is ready to lead his team to the playoffs. He will certainly need to rack up some more points if he wants to accomplish that feat.


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