Matthew Barnaby Arrested In Smashville

The old bad boy of hockey, Matthew Barnaby was arrested last week in Nashville after an incident at a bar. Late Thursday night, police were called to Crossroads Bar in downtown Nashville. The reports were that of an intoxicated male who was in an altercation with his girlfriend and bystanders. It was also reported that Barnaby choked the bouncer at the scene. His bail was set for $6,000 and will appear in court on March 27th.


Matthew Barnaby, who was a bit of a journeyman in the NHL, played the agitator role in the NHL for 14 seasons. He was known as an animated character who never backed down from a fight. This isn’t Barnaby’s first run in with the law since his NHL career ended back in 2007. In May of 2011, he was arrested for domestic violence when he kicked his girlfriends door down and made threatening phone calls to her “boyfriend.” Barnaby was released with his job at ESPN after a DWI later in 2011.

It seems that Matthew Barnaby has been fighting a drinking problem. He obviously has aggression issues and I am sure the drinking is related. Hopefully he gets the help he clearly needs and can clean up his act. Barnaby has been a media presence since 2011 and has appeared as a guest on a few NHL Network shows and is currently on a podcast, Unfiltered with Matthew Barnaby, with partner, Dean Blundell.


Dean Blundell and Barnaby apparently split a few months ago from personal concerns. Blundell’s statement gives his concerns with his friend and his hope that Matthew gets the treatment he needs….

“We started getting calls from Nashville news outlets this morning and I’m not going to sewer, my friend. I love Matthew, but he’s a wildcard and I have to think there’s some serious soul searching going on right now. I’ve only been around Matthew sober. I love the guy but he had some issues a few months ago, so we parted ways. He’s a father and a friend to many and he’s sick. Pray for the cat before you judge him.”


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