Keds Complete Breakdown of Rangers Last Home Game

Last home game of the year and SO many things happened tonight. Yeah, the Rangers got killed but I’m going to try and take a more optimistic approach here.

Steven McDonald Extra Effort


I was talking to my old man before the awarded had handed out. We both agreed that either Zuccarello or Fast would be the likely recipient but right before it was announced we looked at each other in unison and said “Hank.” Sure, he might not be the goalie he was in years passed but this guy compete level is unmatched and any team in the league would be lucky to have him. I know there’s a HUGE Lundqvist sucks crowd and I got two words for you




This guy has been the face of this franchise for years. The guy doesn’t want to leave and he’s earned that right. I’m a huge Richter guy but Hank is the king and deserves the benefit of the doubt, not that there is any.

The Boys are Back



So I may or may not have teared up a bit. These New York Rangers have given myself so much joy throughout the years. This video really shows us how long these guys were important for us. Dan Girardi is a warrior. Ryan McDonagh was a true professional and a HELL of a defenseman. JT Miller seemed to get the shit end of the stick from AV. Why/How do I know this? 10 fucking goals with the Lightning so far. That’s what happens when you give a guy like that some offensively gifted teammates. Classic. BIG thank you to these three for being a huge part of the New York Rangers.

Filip Chytil is Electric

I know he hasn’t played many games but in the games he has, he has shown glimpses of that “Oh, shit” factor that guys like Tarasenko, Kovalchuk have. He gets the puck and my eyes are glued to the TV screen. 18 years old 210 pounds SCREAMS power forward.


A nose for the net

Again, it’s very early but this kid has got the attention of every single Rangers fan. Also, LOVE the fact that he’s cellying in a 5-1 game on a garbage goal. Get excited guys, there will be plenty more.

Goodbye to Mats?

Every Rangers blogger and analyst say the Rangers are open to trading anyone. Zucc has 1 year left on a cost efficient contract making him valuable. Some argue that you deal Mats Zuccarello at the draft for more picks and prospects. I say FUCK THAT NOISE. Could it be beneficial for the Rangers? Sure, it could. Am I selfish? I absolutely fucking am. Mats Zuccarello has the biggest heart in the entire NHL. Mats Zuccarello has led the Rangers in points the last three years. Every single night this guy brings it. He’s a HUGE locker room guy and for the sake of my sanity I hope he stays. I’ve written about this before and this guy is by far my favorite player of all time. There’s nobody like him and I really hope he’ll be wearing a Rangers jersey next year. Keep doing your thing buddy.

Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 10.40.04 PM.png

Author: Ked

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